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TripTracks Fishing Logbook?
While many anglers keep a written logbook of their fishing trips, the TripTracks Fishing Logbook offers a real-time online fishing logbook. You can record data about your past fishing trips and enter details and photos of each of the fish you've caught. Itís easy to recall and enter your fishing trips from any location with a computer and an internet connection. The information in your logbook is private to only you, other anglers will not have access to your logbook details.

Want to know the catch and release rate, the largest fish caught or even the most popular fish targeted this month? You will be able to view general summary information from around the state.

All personal information entered into TripTracks Fishing Logbook is confidential and private and used for data verification purposes only. Only trip and catch statistical data is transmitted to the state agencies for their analysis purpose, not personal information or detailed records.

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